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What is Student Inc?

Student Inc is the nation’s first PreK-12 entrepreneurial education model for public schools. The focus is on growing students’ entrepreneurial thinking skills year over year. Will some students go on to become entrepreneurs? Yes. Will ALL of the students be better prepared for success in the 21st century no matter what career pathway they pursue? Absolutely.

The Student Inc model includes:

  • A spiral PreK-12 core curriculum framework that builds on itself each year and culminates in a dual credit-bearing high school pathway
  • State-of-the-art classrooms with think tank environments
  • A community engagement plan to bridge classrooms with the local business community
  • A robust professional development plan to help teachers get comfortable with a completely new way of teaching
  • A fundraising model to support implementation in a school/district

Our model is based on cutting-edge research that we commissioned from a Brown University professor emeritus. It is the first academic research of its kind that breaks down the prerequisite skill sets for entrepreneurial learning at the PreK-12 levels, including communicative competence, procedural knowledge, conditional knowledge/academic mindsets, and cognitive processes.

“Student Inc allows students to learn valuable skills like collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity. Today’s student needs these skills to engage in the 21st century workforce. The program represents the academic vision of Austin ISD and stands as an example of how engaging education can be.”
– Craig Shapiro, Associate Superintendent of High Schools, Austin ISD


Student Inc’s student-driven, project-based learning can’t happen in a traditional classroom, where desks are set up in neat rows and there’s a teacher at the front lecturing a class. Instead, we need a flexible, innovative environment where students and teachers can step outside of their typical school comfort zone. Student Inc classrooms are built (or renovated) to look like a cool tech company’s office space — with rolling whiteboards, clustered seating and stand-up desks. We find that a new environment is one of the most important tools for getting students to think differently.

We believe…

  • That every student, no matter geography, socioeconomic status or ability, deserves an education that actually prepares them for life after graduation.
  • That giving kids hands-on educational experiences will reinvigorate their love for learning.
  • That entrepreneurial thinking skills are skills that ALL kids need.

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